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Everybody is photogenic. It    depends    on    the    connection    between you and the one who takes the picture. Everybody can centre a face. But   making   a   face   expressive   is   another matter. The   point   is   not   to   look   good   on   a   picture, but to be right and authentic. Making   a   picture   means   not   to   capture   an instant but to make the instant eternal. Making   a   picture   means   to   take   a   face,   to bring   it   into   a   darkroom   and   to   light   its features,   not   with   an   artificial   light   but   with the greatest sensibility. Exposing   oneself   in   front   of   a   camera   is an   act   of   confidence,   means   to   let   the   ego being     stripped     down.     It     is     a     deeply audacious act. Making    a    picture    means    to    distill    the essence    of    a    look.    From    an    iris    to    the diaphragm, just a tie of light.
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