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“shouts so many emotions framed with high-level skills” “no servitude to film industry, but a film director of genius” "wobbling between reality and oneirism" 4 **** / 5 “an endless talent” “rare as a piece of diamond” “the UFO Algerian filmaker” "Making films means questionning life" “attacking & peaceful, deep & radiant, surprises constantly” “An editing of genius, an impressive performance” "a surrealist narration and poetic pictures" "a mention, it's an insult in a golden box” “a film made with love” “I am not afraid of death, I am afraid of time” "easy but unimitable pictures" “poetic, crazy, nostalgic” “Le Don Quichotte Algérien”
among the only three 5* films of Mohamed Rouda’s BOOK OF CINEMA #9 
“an endless talent”