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Male   identity,   before   brandishing   the   national   colors   should raise   a   banner   with   no   colors   since   it   wears   them   all,   the female banner. Over   16   years,   the   camera   has   been   catching   precisely   each step,   each   hand,   each   breath   in   a   graceful   and   authentic   move expressing a feminity searching for itself. This    is    not    an    dancing    abecedarium    nor    a    brochure    of playmates,   nor   a   feminist   petition,   it   is   built   on   life   and   death   with a dancing heart. Women   here   are   not   philosophers   nor   political   partisans,   they     confide serenely and freely. Contemporary   Middle-Eastern   Dancer Assia   Guemra   is   a   former France   Taekwondo   champion,   a discipline   where   the   color   of   the belt does not matter if you cannot face your opponent. Her   belt   is   neither   a   nightclub   accessory   nor   a   cinematographic lure but gives its tempo to the belly. The   filmmaker   gets   close   to   the   womb   and   understands   that women mirror him.