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Hamid Benamra
Director - DP - Editor 4 Dan Shotokan Karate Film columnist - Aljazeera
1964    birth   in   Hussein-Dey,   watching   a   film   for   the   first   time   at   5   was   a revelation. 1981   “An    authentic    filmmaker    has    emerged”    writes   Mr   Abdenour   in   Algérie Actualités ,    Hamid    Benamra    is    17.    Mouny    Berrah    in    Les    2    écrans    #50   “Godard's    children    have    also    cleverly    swarmed    to    the    suburbs   of   Algiers. Benamra works through each idea, through each emotion" 1985    He   had   studied   philosophy   for   3   years   (1985-88)   in   Algiers   before   a French   grant   sent   him   to   ESEC   (Paris)   1988-90.   Then   he   attended   Marc Ferro's History & Films classes at EHESS for 5 years (1990-95). 1989    Benamra   has   already   completed   6         narrative         films      screened         in        the   Cinematheques      of      Algeria.      Some      are      selected      and      awarded      in     Bruxelles  and the FESPACO. 2012    Pieces   of   lives,   Pieces   of   dreams ,   best   documentary   and   audience choice is taught in 2 Tunisian universities. 2016    APS    acknowledges   him   as   “the    UFO    Algerian    filmmaker” .   Mohamad Malas    finds   him   “rare    like    a    piece    of    diamond”    and   confides   in   Hizam .   “an   endless     talent” ,    film    critic    Mohammed    Rouda     rewards    Reveries    of    the Solitary   Actor    with   5   stars.   The   Egyptian   press   is   unanimous   and   the   38th Cairo Film Festival world premieres Hizam . 2018    a   new   feature   in   progress   :   Timelife    with   Stephanie   Benamra   and Mohamad Malas repeated confidence.