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press Hamid Benamra Mohamad Malas - Reveries Solitary Actor
Mohamad MALAS A Syrian film director El Leil (The Night) Gloden Tanit, JCC 1992
At   last   you   force   me   to   take   part   here   with a   few   words.   I   had   decided   to   remain   silent about   films   that   hardly   ever   deserve   to   be called so. [...] Though   I   say   some   words   about   this   film director, rare as a piece of diamond . [...] Since    I    saw    his    films,    I'm    amazed    and bewitched   by   the   value   of   his   perception, by   his   look   on   what's   around   him   and   by his   ability   to   detect   in   his   actors   things   that make him lead them in a magic way...
a comment on Reveries of the Solitary Actor, directed byHamid Benamra