Hizam Assia Guemra film Hamid Benamra
Hizam Poster film Hamid Benamra
Hizam CIFF

HIZAM (Belt)

86 min (2016)
Algeria/France - color 16/9 - HD video
French/Arabic - English subtitles

Production   Nunfilm
Direction, Photography, Editing

Hamid Benamra


Stephanie Benamra


Assia Guemra, Mohamad Malas

Linda Hadj
Rachida Jorf
Zenda Alpizar
Sarah Vallon
Nathalie Schwartz   
Anasma Vuong-Rajau
Melanie Turf-Fischer
Lolie Vernet-Senhadj
Solange Martin
Mayassa Messaoudi
Carolina Pepper
Safia Dely
Souraya Baghdadi
Frederic Lescure
Isabelle Terracher
Ariane Allo
Hella Vuong
Willow Chang
Birgit Yew
Daniel Baur
Michel Random
Hamid Benamra
Nasrine Zafarsani
Bibi Kato
Yvonne Chica
Stephanie Benamra
Gamal Seif
Khaled Seif
Carlos Ruiz

Hizam Assia Guemra film Hamid Benamra


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Hizam Mohamad Malas film Hamid Benamra

Hizam (Belt)

86 min (2016) - with Assia Guemra & Mohamad Malas

Male identity, before brandishing the national colors should raise a banner with no colors since it wears them all, the female banner.

Over 16 years, the camera caught a femininity searching for itself.
This is not a dancing abecedarium nor a brochure of playmates, nor a feminist petition, women here confide serenely and freely.

Contemporary Middle-Eastern Dancer Assia Guemra is a former France Taekwondo champion.
Her belt is neither a nightclub accessory nor a cinematographic lure but gives its tempo to the belly.

The filmmaker gets close to the womb and understands that women mirror him.

Hizam film Hamid Benamra


38th CAIRO International Film Festival   (Arab Cinema Horizons) Egypt
23th TETOUAN Mediterranean International film Festival   Morocco
3rd MAWASSEM Arab Film Festival   France
10th ORAN International Arab Film Festival Algeria
15th BEJAÏA Film Encounters   Algeria
7th MALMÖ Arab Film Festival   Sweden
20th RABBAT International Auteur Cinema Festival   Morocco
7th MAFF on tour   Stockholm, Sweden
2nd SOCHI Film Awards   Russia
Abdul Hameed SHOMAN Foundation   (Cultural Week 5) Jordan
The TUNISIAN Film Library   (The Belly Dance in Films Week) Tunisia
Kouba Cultural Palace of ALGIERS   Algeria
3rd YALTA International Film Festival   Russia
FRIBOURG International Swiss Oriental Folkdance Festival   (Opening Film) Switzerland
Centre Louis Lumière PARIS XX   France
Hizam film Hamid Benamra


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