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Hamid Benamra Hizam
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Hamid Benamra Canal Algérie
2020 Lock Down
Hamid Benamra & Stephanie Benamra 2020 lock down
Bonjour Algérie
Hamid Benamra Canal Algérie
Ciné Thématique
Hamid Benamra Reveries Canal Algerie
Oran film Festival
Hamid Benamra Oran Film Festival
Culture - Leana Saleh
Hamid Benamra France 24 Leana Saleh
El Watania
Hamid Benamra & Stephanie Benamra 2020 lock down
JCA 2016
Hamid Benamra Reveries DZAIR TV
Hamid Benamra Pieces of Lives NESS NESSMA
C'est mon histoire
Hamid Benamra Reveries Canal Algerie

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Hizam The CIFF Bulletin
Hizam Al Ahram Weekly
Hamid Benamra Nikkanberita
Hizam Le Soir d'Algerie
Hamid Benamra Le Quotidien d'Oran
Hamid Benamra Le Soir d'Algerie
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Hamid Benamra The book of cinema


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Hamid Benamra El Majalla
Kyoko Asharq Al Awsat
Timelife Al Akhbar
Hamid Benamra Aljazeera
Timelife Asharq al Awsat
Hamid Benamra Asharq Al-Awsat
Timelife Adab Akhbarelyb
Hamid Benamra Al Nour
Hizam Al Arab
Hamid Benamra Filfan
Hamid Benamra Aljazeera
Hamid Benamra Al Rai
Hamid Benamra Al Kahera


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Hamid Benamra Les 2 écrans #50 (1982)
Hamid Benamra Algérie Actualités
Hamid Benamra l'unité
Hamid Benamra Algérie Actualités
Hamid Benamra L'Horizon
Hamid Benamra Révolution Africaine
Hamid Benamra Révolution Africaine
Hamid Benamra El Chaab
Hamid Benamra Adhawa
Hamid Benamra El Khabar
Hamid Benamra Variétés Magazine
Hamid Benamra El Moujahid
Hamid Benamra El Watan
Hamid Benamra El Watan
Hamid Benamra L'Expression
Hamid Benamra El Khabar
Hamid Benamra Alyaoum
Hamid Benamra Le jeune indépendant
Hamid Benamra Alyaoum
Hamid Benamra La dépeche de Kabylie
Hamid Benamra El Watan
film director Hamid Benamra

Hamid Benamra is an author, film director and editor since 1981
a film critic since 2014
he is 5 Dan Shotokan Karate and has been doing Karate since he is 7.

He was born in 1964 in a working-class district of Algiers (La Glaciere) but his very first film made at 17 already expressed his genuine talent.
Compared by the Press to Godard, a French scholarship sent him to Paris in 1988.
Always camera on hand, his 38 years footage enables him to inject a unique temporal depth to his films.
The frame acuracy, a poetic language and his luxuriant narrative cleverly spun sign a recognizable and unique brand of his kind.

The narrative takes root in each moment of reality.
The truth, extracted from context, is fictionalized.
A way of staging life.

film director Hamid Benamra



Hamid Benamra was born in Hussein-Dey (Algiers).
The very first time he watched a film at 5 made him want to become a filmmaker.

film director Hamid Benamra

4 DAN Hamid Benamra has been doing Shotokan Karate since 1971.


"An authentic filmmaker has emerged"  Mr Abdenour writes in Algérie Actualités, Hamid Benamra is 17.
Mouny Berrah in Les 2 écrans #50 "Godard's children have also cleverly swarmed to the suburbs of Algiers. Benamra works through each idea, through each emotion".

film director Hamid Benamra

Cinematheque of algiers 1981: Hamid presents his first 55 min film.


He had studied philosophy for 3 years (1985-88) in Algiers before a French grant sent him to the filming school ESEC in Paris (1988-90).
Then he attended Marc Ferro's History & Films classes at EHESS for 5 years (1990-95).

film director Hamid Benamra

1987 Marseille (France).


Benamra had already completed 6 narrative films screened in the Cinematheques of Algeria.
Some were selected and awarded in Bruxelles and at the FESPACO.

film director Hamid Benamra

1984 Bruxelles.


Several short documentaries featuring performers and artists including the public order Bagneux, an open city.
Over 38 years, camera on hand, on the lookout for special moments, Hamid Benamra stored thousand of rushes to prepare the upcoming projects.

film director Hamid Benamra


Pieces of lives, Pieces of dreams is awarded best documentary and audience choice.
The film is been taught in 2 Tunisian universities.

film director Hamid Benamra


"An endless talent" film critic Mohammed Rouda rewards Reveries of the Solitary Actor with the highest rank of 5 stars given to only 2 other films Knight of Cups by Terrence Malick and Francofonia by Alexander Sokurov.
The 38th Cairo Film Festival world premieres Hizam.

film director Hamid Benamra

Film critic Mohamed Rouda's Book of Cinema #9


A new feature in progress: Timelife with Stephanie Benamra and Mohamad Malas' repeated confidence.

film director Hamid Benamra

Mohamad Malas - shooting of Timelife - a D-Day landing beach (2018)

film director Hamid Benamra




For a Better Life   55 min
shot in La Glacière, a working-class district of Algiers


From the Life of the Amateurs   55 min
shot in La Glacière, a working-class district of Algiers


A failed Film   15 min
shot in La Glacière, a working-class district of Algiers


Close-Up   30 min
shot in La Glacière, a working-class district of Algiers


Story-Over   26 min
A fictional self-portrait shot in Bruxelles


Once Upon a Time a ToadCat  11 min
with ElisaBeth Ricolleau, Stephanie Benamra and Léalys Benamra


Reveries of the Solitary Actor   90 min
with Mohamed Adar and Stéphanie Benamra


Timelife   103 min
with Mohamed Malas and Stéphanie Benamra


KYOKO The Dream Harvest Season   110 min
with Sanae Dardennes, Kyoko Sakazaki & Rodrigue Bervoet



Bagneux, Open City   75 min
19 portraits of artists of Bagneux, a southern suburb of Paris


Kime, Bare Hands   52 min
with 8 Dan shotokan Karate Daniel Baur


Pieces of Lives, Pieces of Dreams   76 min
with committed graphic artist Mustapha Boutadjine


Hizam (Belt)   86 min
with Arab dancer Assia Guemra



Babour Zammar   6 min
with Abir Nasraoui and Salah Teskouk


Henna   4 min
with Yolla Khalife and Hana Benamra


Russia September 2022
KAZAN International Muslim film Festival
Main Jury
India November 2021
1rst YATHA KATHA Int. Film & Literature Festival
Documentary Jury
Cannes (France) October 2021
18th PANAFRICAN Int. Film Festival
President of the Main Competition Jury
Canada October 2020
1rst ONTARIO Int. Film Festival
International Student Films Jury
Morocco March 2020
26th TETOUAN Int. Film Festival
Documentary Jury
Morocco November 2019
Main Competition jury
Russia September 2019
President of the Documentary Jury
Morocco 2018
23th RABAT Int. Film Festival
Film Critics Jury
Toulouse (France) 2017
President of the Jury
Egypt 2017
6th LUXOR African Film festival
Documentary Jury
film director Hamid Benamra


Hamid Benamra started writing for ALJAZEERA in 2014.

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Hamid Benamra Aljazeera Raphael Confiant

December 31, 2020

Raphael Confiant
writes the History of the Caribbean

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December 16, 2020

Jimmy Jean-Louis,
from Haiti to Hollywood

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November 30, 2020

Moussa Toure,
Is Slavery abolished?

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November 18, 2020

Ziad Hamza,
I don't want to use Syrian suffering in my films

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October 19, 2020

La DorMeuse du Val
spoofing reality without making a mockery of it

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera Mulan

September 23, 2020

How Cinema replaces History

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera Louis Le Prince

September 01, 2020

Louis Le Prince,
the father of cinematography who vanished in a train

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera Women's Day

August 17, 2020

Women's Day,
Russian women who left their marks on History

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera Mohamed Nadif

July 17, 2020

Mohamed Nadif,
4 Tunisian women in a mental institution

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera Tunisian Racism

March 9, 2020

Racism among the Tunisian society

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera Med Hondo

December 31, 2019

Med Hondo,
a Masked Voice

Hamid Benamra The Joker

Al Khabar
November 30, 2019

Joker, a film that bets on the Poker winning card

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera Adnan Madanat

November 18, 2019

Adnan Madanat,
Tales of violent nights between documentary and fiction

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera Kirill Razlogov

October 27, 2019

Kirill Razlogov,
History and Cinema

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera the

July 19, 2019

The screen does not lie,
Questionning the "Auteur theory"

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

July 24, 2015

The last nomadic people between Algeria and Tunisia

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

January 16, 2015

"The lullaby of the roses" against Oil

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

July 7, 2015

Ramallah's Maradona... a Call to Siege your Besiege

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

June 14, 2015

A decent life despite the mishaps

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

May 23, 2015

When cinema doesn't handle tragedy well

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

April 12, 2015

The frame is a multi-dimensional window

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

March 4, 2015

Against death : the epic of women in sari

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

February 9, 2015

Never Die as a Refugee.. Emotion and Supplication

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

January 13, 2015

Burqiba's lock down.. The executioner preys on himself

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

December 12, 2015

Is film editing an art of inspiration or just subject and predicate?

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

January 13, 2015

A bereaved woman between Gaza and the West bank

Hamid Benamra Aljazeera

September 10, 2014

The Lens has
a Memory Too

film director Hamid Benamra


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