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intellectual and carnal challenge woven in microscopic films

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An Endless talent

Le Quotidien d'Oran

No servitude to film industry, a director of genious.


A surrealist narration and poetic pictures

Le Soir d'Algerie

Wobbling between reality and oneirism


Attacking & peaceful, deep & radiant, surprises constantly


The UFO Algerian filmmaker

Arab's voice

Shouts out so many emotions

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Making films means questioning life

Al Sharq

easy but unimitable pictures

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A film made with love

Al Fadjr

interview of Hamid Benamra by Fayçal Chibani

Al Shuruq


The Algerian Don Quixote


Reveries Mohamed Adar film Hamid Benamra

Reveries of the Solitary Actor

90 min (2016) - with Mohamed Adar & Stephanie Benamra

“To travel it is not to approach a destination, but the dream one puts in his luggage”

​"Contempt it is not to be slapped, but to be ignored by one's peers"

​An old actor loves both the stage and the camera lens. He wish he could play his first leading role : his own role.

​​"A film, it is a preach"

​His character is staging a play about a cobbler who wish he could represent the common people to the presidential election.

​"​The lens is a mirror with a long-lasting memory"

​In 2012 Cabu, Wolinski and Charb of Charlie Hebdo did not know they would be murdered.

​"​He does not know where he should get off, he only knows it is a first class film travel"

​What's real and what's not? The actor's memories question the director's projections.

Reveries Mohamed Adar film Hamid Benamra


Special distinction by the jury   JCA Algiers International Film Festival   Algeria
Special distinction by the jury   Luxor African Film Festival   Egypt
International Panafrican Film Festival   France
Nador International Film Festival   Morocco
FESTICAB   Burundi
Oran Arab Film Festival   Algeria
Africlap   France
Gabes International Arab Film Festival   Tunisia
Silicon Valley African Film Festival   USA
Carthage International Theater Festival   (special tribute to Mhamed Adar) Tunisia
Dehli International Film Festival   (Arab Cinema Focus) India
2nd EL QUDS International Film Festival   Jerusalem
Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation   (Cultural Week 4) Jordan
Reveries Charlie Hebdo Wolinski Luz Charb film Hamid Benamra
Reveries Poster film Hamid Benamra

Reveries of the Solitary Actor

Rêveries de l'acteur solitaire
(Hawajis) ​هواجس الممثل المنفرد بنفسه

90 min (2016)
Algeria/France - color 16/9 - HD
Arabic/French - English subtitles

Production   Nunfilm
Direction, Photography, Editing

Hamid Benamra  

Hamma the cobbler

a play written by Azzedine Mihoubi

Stephanie Benamra  
Cast  Mohamed Adar, Stephanie Benamra

Hana Benamra
Hamid Benamra
Rachid Benallal
Farouk Bouloufa   
Borhane Alaouié
Ghali Choukri
Azzedine Mihoubi
Malika Nedjadi
Yamina Hassane
Houaria Zaouche
Louz El Houari
Tayeb Ramdane
Hadj Fethi Chouti
Mohamed Ben Mohamed
Aleïda March Guevara
Charly Bouhana
Georges Bahgory
Mohamad Malas
Myriam Mézières
Mustapha Semrani
Louise Corbey
Abdelatif Benamra
Jamil Hatmal
Allel Yahyaoui
Ahmed Bejaoui
Fatma Belhaj
Malek Kateb
Nadia Samir

Reveries Mohamed Adar film Hamid Benamra


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