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Mustapha boutadjine rené vautier film hamid benamra

Pieces of lives, pieces of dreams

76 min (2012) - with Mustapha Boutadjine and revolutionary figures

The film presents prominent historical figures who are not alive any more :
Abraham Serfati, Henri Alleg, Miriam Makeba, Mahmoud Darwish
Some others still resist : Tommie Smith, Aleida Guevara March, Adonis, Marcel Khalife

“One does not need a gun to be a rebellious cinematographer, but needs to be a witness on his-story”

​No archive footage. A film made over 32 years

From pieces of papers glued together, are drawn and lined up the natures of multifaceted characters.
From luxury magazines exhibiting the opulence of an unreachable world, are exposed figures who have broken and changed History.
From goods which promote a dream of extreme consumption, are brought to light the dreams and the ideal of a whole people.

​This is not a subject about class struggle, but a way to highlight a paradox between a South fighting for food and a North avid for expansion.
This is not a subject about a technical curiosity of an original artist but how to highlight the comments and the concern of a "his-(s)tory" conscious citizen.

This is not a subject about diverting views but a reminder of comfortably forgotten stories.
This is not a subject about an artist with demands but gathered pieces of demands from men and women who choose to make their dreams true.

Miriam Makeba film hamid benamra


Best Documentary   Cannes Panafrican Film Festival 2014   France
Audience Choice Award   JCA ALgiers Film Festival 2012   Algeria


Arab Film Festival   San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego | USA
European Films Days   Tunis, Djerba, Sfax | Tunisia
Arushaa African Film Festival   Tanzania
Colours of the Nile Film Festival   Etiopia
The Panafrican Film Festival   Los Angeles | USA
Regards sur le cinéma du monde   France


Festafilm   France
Lumieres d’Afrique   France
Haometna Fenana   Tunis, Sousse, Sfax | Tunisia
Zanzibar International film Festival   Algeria
FESTICAB   Burundi
FESPACO   Burkina


JCC Carthage Film Festival   Tunisia
Independance day film hamid benamra
Boutadjine Poster film Hamid Benamra

Pieces of lives, Pieces of dreams

Bouts de vies, bouts de rêves

Documentary 76 min (2012)
Algeria/France - color 4/3 - video
Arabic/French/English - English subtitles

Production   Nunfilm
Direction, Photography, Editing

Hamid Benamra  



Stephanie Benamra  
Cast  Mustapha Boutadjine

Henri Alleg
Miriam Makeba
Tommie Smith
Angela Davis
Abraham Serfati   
Mahmoud Darwich
Salah teskouk
Mohamed Adar
Yolla Khalife
Bertrand Tavernier
Frederic Miterrand
Djibril Diop Mambety
Aleida Guevara March
Sid Ahmed Agoumi
Patrick Rotman
Jean Ristat
Farida Belyazid
Assia Djebar
Georges Bahgory
Robert Meeropol
Rashid Mimouni
Rashid Masharawi
Joe Coco
Assia Guemra
Aziz Degga
Brahim Rezzoug
Mohamed Aksouh

Tommie Smith film hamid benamra


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