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Timelife Stephanie Benamra film Hamid Benamra

TIMELIFE (2019) 110 min

With Syrian film director Mohamad Malas and French actress Stephanie Benamra

A poet chooses to give birth alone at home
surrounded by characters pregnant with their dreams​.

Mohamad Malas, Maïk Darha and Adnan Madanat
question life, time and its length

How to let life
make its way out of the maternal womb?
How to build
a family when you had to leave the motherland?
How to keep hope alive
when even birds are hiding from bombings?

Timelife Mohamad Malas film Hamid Benamra


41 MOSCOW International Film Festival (Russia) - Official selection / World Of Art
15 Eurasia International Film Festival (Kazakhstan) - Official selection / Objective Section
5 Asian World Film Festival (Los Angeles)
24 Rabat International Film Festival
Timelife Maik Darha film Hamid Benamra

“Come with what you have done, or what you have not, I take it all”

Timelife is a lifeline, an umbilical cord linking each of us,
no matter the color of the skin, the mother tongue or the land of birth.

French Congolese dubbing actress Maïk Darha's masked voice brings faces of all origins to life from Whoopi Goldberg to Madonna.

Syrian film director Mohamad Malas and Jordan writer Adnan Madanat both studied filmmaking at VGIK (Moscow) and both live in countries eaten away by civil wars.

The film director, Hamid Benamra, had to leave Algeria to get a filmmmaking diploma that did not exist, but yet required, in his native country. The black years pushed him away for good.

But other migrants will not reach the shore, Central African dancer Brice Poma-Packotto ​dances the aground dreams of a whole continent.

21-year-old horsewoman renounces carrying life but hopes she inseminates horses to set up her own breeding farm.

In the meantime, mixed-race 7-year-old child struggles with a diaphragm to decide how much light she should let in her camera lens.

Timelife "homebirthes" ​lives, hopes and ​love.​

The narrative takes root in each moment of reality.
The truth, extracted from context, is fictionalized.
A way of staging life.
Timelife Brice Poma-Packotto film Hamid Benamra
Timelife Poster film Hamid Benamra


110 min (2019)
Algeria//Syria/France - color 2:35 - 2K
French/Arabic - English subtitles

Production   Nunfilm
Direction, Photography, Editing

Hamid Benamra  


Hamid Benamra

Stephanie Benamra  
Cast  Stephanie Benamra, Mohamad Malas

Maïk Darha
Sebastien Benoist
Brice Poma-Packotto
Adnan Madanat
Manon Baudel   
Hana Benamra


+33 661 315 745
Hamid Benamra
Stephanie Benamra

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